What is it?

The daytime residential model, exclusive to Mexico, is an on-campus business training experience facilitated by the ACE staff over a four-week period. Here students develop greater self-esteem as they apply Christian principles of hard work, time management, service, life planning, frugality, and innovative thinking to business principles. During  the four-week course students recognize that devotion to family and country are foundational to the multi-generational success of businesses as their personal and spiritual preparation is nurtured by opportunities for daily study, prayer, scripture reading, service, and shared leadership.

Since January of 2011 trained business instructors from the Academy for Creating Enterprise have taught the Intensive Business Course in Mexico to those who wish to start a successful business. Attracting participants from throughout Mexico and abroad, students are provided an intensive four-week educational experience with study materials, training, food, lodging, and all internet, phone and laundry services. By prioritizing practice rather than theory, students glean knowledge not only from instruction  and shared collaboration but from several business manuals with curriculum that has recently been donated to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the preparation of their new Self-Reliance manual “How to Start and Grow My Business.” As of 2016, participation in the program affords students a joint graduation certificate from ACE and UVU (Utah Valley University).


  1. Entrepreneurship in Business
  2. Finance in Business
  3. Family Finance
  4. Business Administration
  5. Business Systematization
  6. Innovation and continuous improvement
  7. Taxes and Legal Aspects
  8. Negotiation and Sales
  9. Personal Action Plan
  10. Habits of Success and Lifestyle
  11. Compost, Family Garden, etc.

The four weeks of intensive experiential training includes:

  1. Study material
  2. Face-to-face Mentoring for successful LDS members
  3. Accommodation and food
  4. Development of a group business during the course
  5. Laundry and Internet
  6. Access to the chapter program
  7. Access to the monitoring and mentoring program
  8. Network of contacts and resources online.

Cost:  $2180 MXN