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Purpose of the Academy

Founded in 1999, the Academy for Creating Enterprise is a non-profit organization that seeks to alleviate

poverty by teaching students all over the world how to start and grow their own small businesses.

Served a Mission?

Have you ever wondered how the principles you

learned in the mission will help you succeed in

in business? The Academy's Intensive Business

Course will help you apply your skills in a productive


After graduating from the "How to start and grow my business"

course or the Intensive Business Course of La Academia,

the Chapters program gives you a lifetime of follow-up for the

constant strengthening of your business.

appreciation for your country and

personal and family resources,

good management of your business,

You will foster good habits for success,

confidence in your own divine potential.

Non-Profit Expansion

The Academy is quickly growing to help returned

missionaries around the world create micro-enterprises.

Currently over 10,000

students have graduated

from The Academy and

are now on the road to



The Academy for Creating Enterprise teaches individuals, including returned missionaries, the skills necessary to own and operate a small business.

Many returned missionaries in third-world countries return home with little hope for future progress. They face a cycle of continuous poverty and harsh economic conditions. The Academy teaches them principles of entrepreneurship that can increase their overall economic autonomy.

The Academy for Creating Enterprise recently reached 11,000 graduates world-wide with more individuals completing ACE courses each month.

“With training [from the Academy] I have been able to have more time to serve the Lord. I can handle my own schedule which has allowed me to be a better leader.”

Enrique Alejando

“The Academy helps us when we really do what we are taught. I have seen it with my family and with myself.”

Manuel Solis

“The Academy gives you knowledge and experience through training. As a single adult and former missionary, I believe it should not be an option to take the course; it should be something we do.”

Samuel Salinas