Manuel Solis

Business Name & Type: Entrepreneur City & Country: Chojoló, Mexico

Celia Castañeda

Business Name & Type: Paper and Copy Center City & Country: Mexico

Alan Alaníz

Business Type: Greenhouse
City & Country:
Puebla, Mexico

I am Alan Alaníz from the state of Puebla, Mexico.  I attended the Academy in January of 2011.  I had felt for too long that I was failing as a husband, a father, and a provider, and I needed help. While I attended the course, I remember feeling in my heart those same feelings that I felt as a missionary. I felt hope, excitement, and faith.

From what I learned at the Academy, I have started a successful greenhouse building company and taught my children how they can be self-reliant. I have 20 employees which means 20 families are eating three meals a day now.  Thank you for teaching me how to overcome the culture of poverty and how to live the culture of business success. I recognize that I am very small, but I feel very blessed. I know that the Rules of Thumb have changed my life and I have started to teach everyone in my branch how they can become more self-reliant. Thank you very much for your support and examples. I love my career.  I am an LDS, self-reliant entrepreneur!

Samuel Ahuacatitan

Business Name & Type: Pharmacy City & Country: Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Phillipines

Israel Limon

Business Name & Type: Tortillas City & Country: Mexico My name is Israel Limon. I experimented with a tortilla business before coming to the Academy, but it was not growing and sales were plummeting. While taking the six-week course, I was very inspired by the 25 Rules of Thumb. I realized that there were so many things I was […]

Ursula Acao

Business Name & Type: Pharmacy City & Country: Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Phillipines Ursula Acao enrolled in the Academy during its pilot program in 2000. Like most Philippine women, she longed for financial freedom, and a life where she would not have to worry about providing her family with their basic needs. The Academy gave her the confidence and […]