This course builds upon the foundational course, ‘Start and Grow My Business’, with advanced training instruction for those who already have a business. As a second-level business course, ACE MY BUSINESS focuses on growing and developing small businesses. By uniting proven business principles with gospel practices, entrepreneurs learn skills to enhance their lives personally and professionally as they build multi-generational ventures.

Training Modules

  • Introduction to My Business
  • Administration and HR
  • Legal Aspects in a MSME.
  • Accounting and Fiscal Aspects in an MSME.
  • Business growth (Sales, Marketing).


Seminars are designed to provide expert training on a multitude of business topics e.g. marketing, technological advancements, employee motivation, inventory management, etc. Experts from various businesses share methodology and practices that produce successful results. Training is available to all business owners from local and international entreprenuers such as, Corbin Church (Founder of Miche Bag), Chuck Koonradt (The Game of Work), Jim Ritchie (Founder Richie Enterprises) and other successful business owners.


They are designed to address a specific business theme (eg Sales and Negotiation, Recruitment of Personnel, Accounting for Individuals, etc.), with a duration of one day (8 hours), which will be taught by experts.

The following seminar benefits are offered when the course is on the ACE campus:

  • Foods
  • Lodging (if necessary)
  • Training in the corresponding subject.

Cost: $ 1,600 MXN (type A) $ 1,800 MXN (type B)